Snow / Ice Mitigation

We offer snow and ice removal for commercial and residential clients.  Our rates are based on your unique property’s needs. Please call for a free visit to your property and quote for all your snow and ice removal needs. We are already trusted with snow/ice mitigation for over 24 miles of Calvert County roads and for:

  • Medical Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial office areas
  • Residential properties



The only thing that can be guaranteed about winterizing a property is: If you don”t do it, it will probably cause thousands of dollars in damage! In addition to our service call fee of only $59, we offer winterization at a very nominal charge of only $7.50 per fixture. Included is:

  • Draining water from all fixtures and pipes where possible
  • Placing environmentally friendly antifreeze in all locations where a water trap is located
  • Labeling and/or tagging of all appropriate items.

Larger homes may receive a quantity discount, please call for quote.


Due to the fact we work with so many properties, when we encounter work that we do not complete in house, we have an enormous list of specialty tradespeople that we have proven to be as reliable as we are. For the small percentage of the contractors fees, we will meet with them, organize and inspect the work to ensure your satisfaction. We also take care of all the billing and accounting. Due to the volume of work we send our contractors, the bottom line cost to you will normally be less than if you contact them directly.

Outside Maintenance

Please call us for an evaluation and custom quote based on a visit of your property.  We offer year round flat rate service, one monthly charge includes mowing twice per month, leaf removal, and ALL snow removal.