We are NOT Realtors, they are the experts in selling and advertising homes for rent.

We are Property Managers, we are the experts in evaluating, placing and managing Tenants and the homes provided to us by the property owners.

Chris and Julie Gadway own and operate Property Management of SO MD. Shortly after we started investing in Real Estate in Single Family Rentals, we both realized that although it looks easy on the outside, there are a lot of pitfalls that a property owner can come across. We set up the Property Management company on the suggestion from our Tax Advisor. Little did we know it was going to transform into the company that it is today.

We learned from our mistakes on the homes we owned. We realized that when a friend came to us asking for help with a rental he owned, others needed help as well. We have never openly advertised our management services other than on this website. Other homeowners started hearing about us and the services we do for our clients. Currently we manage less than 30 homes, with a very simple rule always in mind, “I will never manage a property that I would not live in with my own family”

We placed our first dedicated service truck on the road in 2008. No more time was wasted getting tools or supplies out of the shop to respond to a service call. Chris, with the help of our son Blake, and our friend Alan are the Maintenance Technicians who respond to the calls. Our Trucks are equipped to fix most all common problems on the first visit to a property. They are also equipped to stop any further damage from occurring from most any catastrophic trouble that may happen.

While Julie takes care of the bookkeeping side, Chris takes care of the Homeowners, their Homes and the relationship with the Tenants. His first priority is to keep the Property Owner happy, then keep the Tenant happy, then keep the neighbors happy. Most of the times that is easy, other times more work must be put into it to accomplish the goal.

Putting the Finishing touch on our team is Ken Phipps. Ken is a Real Estate Guru! He is associated with Century 21 New Millennium out of LaPlata. He is high octane and knows the best way to market a home in order to get the right applicants interested in a property. Because of Ken’s expertise in Realty he is the exclusive realtor of Property Management of SO MD.